Food Specials


Food Specials


17-23 July

This crisp winter temperature just calls for some good ol’ comfort food, and we at Macchiato are not going to fail you.
This popular dish characteristic of the central Italian peninsula originates way back and has undergone lots of variations and changes in time, but its building blocks haven’t varied much - tomato, guanciale, black pepper and pecorino cheese - all ingredients that were easily sourced and saved from spoiling through salt curing. This dish is named after its place of origin (they say) Amatrice, located in northern Lazio, and near the regions of Umbria and Abruzzo.
These regions are strongly characterised by the presence of many farmers with their large herds of sheep and goats, where farming represents still today a large slice of those regions’ economy, tradition and way of life. Here shepherds historically had to make do and bring bread to the table by the means available to them, most notably sheep cheese (pecorino, salty and easy to preserve), pasta and dried pork meat.
Fun fact! Amatriciana is one of the ‘fantastic four’ of central Italian pasta recipes, together with Carbonara (the most popular), Cacio e Pepe and Gricia, they all have 3 ingredients in common: pasta, pecorino cheese and black pepper. The additions to Amatriciana are slow cooked tomato and guanciale (salty pork cheek).
To our version, we have also added red onion for sweetness and a little chilli for a good kick. Come try it - we matched it with Taltarni CMPV (2017 - Pyrenees, VIC), on our shelves only this week!


17-23 July

This week we created a pizza taking inspiration from the pastoral countryside. A pizza that’s bold and nourishing, and that’s for those who like no frills.
Chunky sous-vide June lamb, sweet corn kernels, kalamata olives, sunny side egg, fiordilatte, San Marzano tomatoes and EV olive oil.
Best enjoyed by a special wine in our cellar this week, the @taltarni 2017 Cabernet Merlot Petit Verdot from the Moonambel estate in the Pyrenees (VIC).


10-16 July

This week’s special features a white mushroom pizza with a soft heart of truffle-infused creamy burrata. The delicate flavour of burrata cheese embraces the truffle and gives it a whole new dimension. Perfect for all our cheese lovers out there!


10-16 July

Wild rabbit ragout rigatoni with organic sweet peas, Pinot bianco and extra virgin olive oil.
Perfectly matched with a light hearted glass of pinot noir 🍷.


3-9 July

This week’s special is an oldie of Italian cuisine, but a goodie.
Homemade spaghetti wrapping up a delicious pair of scampi, with garlic, Roma tomatoes, pepper, chilli and a generous swirl of extra virgin olive oil.
Recommended with a glass of Bianco or Vermentino for maximum enjoyment.

Photo 26-6-19, 2 49 50 pm.jpg

25 June - 2 July

These aren’t just any arancini! Our entree special this week brings you white Spanish bean croquettes with Smokey scamorza cheese, on a cradle of Nonna’s napoletana sauce.
All luncheons deserve a good party starter!

Photo 26-6-19, 2 53 41 pm.jpg

25 June - 2 July

This hearty dish will take you straight to the heart of Umbria, a region of Italy with some of the better preserved wild forest environment.
Slow cooked wild boar ragù with bucatini pasta and a generous sprinkle of Pecorino Romano 😋 ~
Matched in heaven with a good glass of Chianti 🍷 ~
It’s lunchtime! ~


25 June - 2 July

This pizza is far away from representing an authentic, traditional recipe, and yet, its flavour will take anyone back to your nonnas cuisine.
Porchetta, burratina cheese and a creamy broccoli base, this pizza is as simple as it is flavourful. A definite spotlight!
Recommended with a bold glass of our Josef Chromy ‘Pepik’ Chardonnay 👌🏻


19-25 June

Our specials have a common theme this week: chestnut 🌰.
~ C h e s t n u t F e t t u c c i n e & B u r r a t a ~
Handmade chestnut fettuccine, sauteed wild mushrooms, wood roasted chestnuts,
creamy burratina cheese.
Recommended with a glass of our Joseph Chromy 'Pepik' Chardonnay (TAS).


19-25 June

Our specials have a common theme this week: chestnut 🌰. ~

~ C A S T A G N A ~

~ Creamy chestnut purée, wild mushroom, Gorgonzola piccante , open-flame roasted and crushed chestnuts.

~ Matched with a glass of Oakridge ‘Yarra Valley Series’ Pinot Noir (VIC). ~


12-18 June

🥚 🥓 🍕 ~
Signore e signori, today we’re thinking outside the box! When one says ‘Carbonara’, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional pasta recipe that is a staple of Italian cuisine and became so popular outside of Italy. But what if we told you that this week we are presenting a Pizza Carbonara?
Guanciale (salty, peppery pork cheek), egg yolk, shaved Pecorino Romano, charred onion and EV olive oil.
Look, we’re telling you: being adventurous this week will reward you because this pizza is absolutely delicious! The saltiness of guanciale and pecorino is balanced out by the sweetness of the charred onion, and the egg yolk makes everything come together to a velvety mouthful of delicious pizza.
Recommended accompanied by a glass of a Sangiovese or Merlot 🍷 👌🏻 ~


12-18 June

~ C a p p a s a n t a ~
Grilled Japanese scallops with a quartet of shiitake, enoki, porcini, button mushrooms and a hint of chilli! Weekly special, June 13-18.
Recommended with a glass of Ara ‘Single Estate’ Sauvignon Blanc.


12-18 June

It’s scallop weeks at Macchiato!
This week we present to you our special ‘primo’: Celadon Seafood Risotto, with green pea, Hawkesbury squid, Japanese scallops and salmon caviar.
Best served with our Primo Mesa Vermentino (Sardegna, Italy)👌🏻 ~


5-11 June

What do you call an Italian pizza that features picked jalapeños? PICKLE-INA of course! Ha!
Puns aside, we present to you our pizza special of the week: Calabrese salame, pickled jalapeño, smoked scamorza, red onion, fiordilatte and San Marzano sauce. 🔥 the perfect pizza if you’re looking for a bit of heat!
Quash those flames with a delicious IPA 🍺 Salute!


5-11 June

With June also comes that time of the year when you can once again eat certain seasonal staples. One of these is POLENTA.
Traditionally a food chiefly consumed in Pianura Padana, a vast flat land spanning roughly on the Milano-Bologna-Venice triangle, polenta has in time gained a special place in the heart of Italians.
This week we introduce our Polenta Jenga, delicious deep-fried polenta sticks accompanied by a creamy sauce of mushrooms, Parmesan and thyme.
Best enjoyed with a glass of hearty Hancock and Hancock Shiraz Grenache.


5-11 June

Thank god it’s Friday! Escape the wet and find shelter at Macchiato.
Black board special today is hand cut fusilli with Italian pork and fennel sausage, heirloom tomatoes, chilli, Parmigiano Reggiano and EV olive oil. Best enjoyed with a glass of vino rosso 🍷


29 May - 4 June

This week we deploy one of our oldest pasta creations, by popular demand of a group of our longest loyal patrons...
~ P a p p a r d e l l e R o s a ~
Hand cut pappardelle with pan-seared Tasmanian salmon on a pink sauce of confit tomato, fresh cream, lemon zest, ground pepper and chilli. 🐟 .
Recommended with a glass of Pinot Grigio for a perfect match.


29 May - 4 June

There must be a very few things that are good about winter, but one of those is POLENTA 🌽 .
Whilst outside it’s getting quite chilly, pop in to Macchiato and enjoy a very special weekly special:
Slow roasted lamb shanks in a hearty red wine jus, cradled by a soft bed of mushroom polenta.


22-28 May

This week’s pasta feature sees our saffron-infused homemade macaroni with speck, blistered sage, heirloom tomatoes and pine nuts.


22-28 May

This week Mediterranean cuisines meet at Macchiato. This is our take on a middle eastern infused 🌱 Vegan board.

Chickpea falafels, beetroot hummus, heirloom carrots, olives, cucumber and vegan labneh.


22-28 May

It might seem odd to find bolognese ragù in a pizza, and yet here is a chance for us to change your mind!

This delicious closed rustic pizza hides a heart of familiar deliciousness. Give it a try as that is our weekly pizza special, and let us know what you think!

We recommend it paired with a glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 🍷


15-21 May

There is no middle ground: you either hate or love radicchio.
This purple leafy type of lettuce has a bitter aftertaste, which on this week special pizza, we have balanced out with the sweet richness of gorgonzola piccante. To top it all off, Italian sausage, of course.
Gorgonzola is a veined Italian blue cheese which is named after the town of Gorgonzola, Lombardy (IT), where it was first created. Dolce (mild) or Piccante (piquant, slightly hot), this creamy cheese has recently become very popular thanks mostly to its common use on cheese boards.
Come in and give our Radicchio pizza a try: in store this week only!


15-21 May

This week specials all have one common thread: Milano.
Saffron was used to create gold-stained glass windows of the 'Duomo' of Milano, a long time ago, until one of the glass craftsmen, jealous of a woman that was betrothed to another man, decided to sabotage her wedding by adding the flower-derived dye to one of the dishes that was going to be served at her wedding banquet. Despite his vengeful plan, all guests were delighted for the risotto newly acquired colour and the delicate saffron flavour. Risotto Milanese was born, one of the most iconic Milanese dishes.
All this time later, we can surely say he had a great idea.


8-14 May

One can’t say we make boring pizzas! This week brings us a pizza that is subtle to the palate just as much as it *isn’t* to the eyes.

Wood roasted yellow capsicum base, wood-roasted beetroot purée and goat’s cheese.

Perfect with a glass of our Taltarni Fumé Blanc (TAS).


8-14 May

One of our weekly specials this week: homemade spinach fusilli with pan-tossed heirloom tomatoes, toasted walnuts, cream of ricotta and EV olive oil.

Best enjoyed with a glass of our resident wine, Josef Chromy ‘Pepik’ Chardonnay (TAS).


1-7 May

The thread connecting all of our special dishes this week is BOTTARGA.

Bottarga is a delicacy easily found in fresh food markets and fisheries in Sardegna and Sicilia. It consists of salt-cured mullet or tuna roe which is hand-massaged and dried to create a uniquely flavoured hard paste that is finely shaved or grated and used with pastas and seafood dishes to greatly enhance flavours.

This week pasta is handmade, tomato-infused spaghetti with spanner crab, Sicilian bottarga, toasted bread crumbs, chilli and lemon zest.

We recommend this dish with our The Lane ‘Block Two’ Pinot Gris (Adelaide Hills, SA).


1-7 May

~ Octopus Carpaccio ~

Blanched octopus with Sicilian bottarga, balsamic pearls, heirloom tomato, Meyer lemon, EV olive oil.

Recommended with our Primo Mesa Vermentino (Sardegna, Italy).

WK18-2019-2-1 (1).jpg

1-7 May

🦐🍅 A luxurious seafood variant to our traditional Marinara, this pizza features Sicilian bottarga, massive king prawns, lemon pearls and a distinctive oregano-sprinkled tomato base.

Just divine with our Mirabeau ‘Pure’ Rosé (France).


17-28 April

It's not Easter without a good roast, but since back in Europe the Easter roast features many Spring fresh produces, we decided to embrace the season and go full-Autumn with this glorious wood-roasted Junee lamb shoulder. Since this is worthy of a royal, our lamb is served with a full court of scorched Autumn garden vegetables, a bed of nutty almond rice, rosemary & wine jus. ⠀

Highly recommended with a glass of Malbec - since it's World Malbec Day - or Cabernet, or even better, a Primitivo.


17-28 April

Spicy Stuffed Calzone

Large wood-fire pizza pocket stuffed with the most tender spicy sous vide beef cheeks, fresh ricotta and chives.

Recommended with a glass of Malbec or Pinot Noir.


17-28 April

~ Orecchiette Gamberetti & Broccoli ~⠀

Hand crafted orecchiette with prawns, broccoli, cream and thyme.⠀

Recommended with a glass of Vermentino.

Specials WK15-2019-3.jpg

10-16 April

~ Mugnaia ~⠀

White base of artichoke cream, gorgonzola, smoked mountain speck, crispy red onion, burnt almonds and extra virgin olive oil. ⠀

To match the character of this bold pizza, we match a hearty, comforting glass of our beloved Four in Hand Shiraz (Barossa).⠀

Specials WK15-2019-5.jpg

10-16 April

~ Chicken in the Garden ~⠀

Hearth-roasted crispy skin chicken breast, green beans, baby potatoes, Dutch carrots, snow pea tendrils, barrel-aged Vincotto glaze. ⠀

In this case we wanted to be controversial with our wine matching. Instead of going red, we propose a glass of Robert Oatley 'Signature Series' Riesling (Great Southern).

Specials WK15-2019-1.jpg

10-16 April

~ Macc's Mac & Cheese ~⠀

House-made truffled macaroni in a gooey four-cheese sauce with taleggio, gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano and fiordilatte. Baked until golden and topped with toasted walnuts.⠀

Matched with one of the most hip craft beers on the Australian scene: Four Pines Pale Ale.⠀

Photo 3-4-19, 10 47 45 am (1).jpg

3-9 April

~ M o r t a d e l l a ~

The most fragrant of ‘salumi’ (lit. cured, aged meat), mortadella is thought as the less noble of the lot, and yet, it flavours dishes in ways prosciutto and other salumi could never, probably due to the herbs and aromas added to mortadella, such as pistachios or olives.

This week we are excited to present to you our Mortadella Pizza, with fiordilatte, fresh tomato, peppermint pesto, toasted pistachios and of course mortadella.

Matched with our Hentley Farm ‘Villain & Vixen’ Grenache (Barossa).

Photo 2-4-19, 2 15 22 pm.jpg

3-9 April

~ R a g ù d’ A n a t r a ~

Delicious egg fettuccine wrapped around by a slow-cooked duck ragù with Ligurian olives, tomato concassé and a pinch of chilli flakes to spice it up.

Best complemented by a jovial glass of Josef Chromy ‘Pepik’ Chardonnay (Tasmania).

Photo 27-3-19, 12 13 42 pm (1).jpg

27 March - 2 April

White base of fiordilatte and taleggio cheese, smoked speck, candied walnuts, rocket.

This salty pizza topped with ingredients typical of the alpine regions of Italy is perfectly matched with a refreshing yet robust Little Creatures IPA.

Photo 27-3-19, 12 09 22 pm.jpg

27 March - 2 April

Pan-seared loin of Yellowfin tuna, house made fusilli, Ligurian olives, heirloom tomatoes, baby capers, garlic, chilli, EV olive oil.

Perfectly paired with our Ara ‘Single Estate’ Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ).

Photo 21-3-19, 12 02 35 pm.jpg

20-26 March

Literally meaning ‘little knots’, nodini are made of the highest quality mozzarella stretched into a knot-like shape. Compared to traditional mozzarella, nodini are pleasantly chewy, and their shiny and soft shape features a fresh, milky flavour.

Nodini, heirloom tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil, aged Modena balsamic glaze.

Matched by a glass of the Robert Oatley ‘Signature Series’ Riesling, to match a delicate flavour.

Photo 21-3-19, 11 44 34 am.jpg

20-26 March

Nothing beats this heart-warming, comforting spicy pizza on a wet Autumn day.

Burrata, salame Calabrese, San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, basil.

Matched by a playful glass of Oakridge Pinot Noir (Yarra Valley, VIC).

Photo 21-3-19, 11 52 13 am.jpg

20-26 March

~ Aglio, olio e peperoncino ~
Fettuccine, stracciatella cheese, garlic, chilli, olive oil, basil.

Matched by the character and crispness of our Villa Antinori Toscana, in case you need to extinguish a fire.

Photo 12-3-19, 11 44 06 am.jpg

13-19 March

Grilled zucchini and zucchini flowers on a base of creamy zucchini and Fiordilatte mozzarella, topped with crunchy sun-dried zucchini.

Best enjoyed with a glass of Oakridge Chardonnay (Yarra Valley, VIC).

Photo 12-3-19, 12 17 25 pm.jpg

13-19 march

Homemade spinach-infused, candy shaped dumplings stuffed with sweet potato and served with Trapanese (Sicilian) pesto and burnt butter.

Recommended with a playful glass of Pocketwatch Pinot Noir (Central Ranges).

Photo 5-3-19, 2 24 40 pm.jpg

6-12 March

Garlic-marinated roasted red pepper, baby peas, artichoke mousse, vegan mozzarella, chilli flakes and EV olive oil.

At Macchiato, we like mixing tradition, authenticity and flavour with a bit of experimentation and modern cuisine.

Our new menu will be featuring dairy free/vegan friendly mozzarella as a choice for our lactose intolerant and vegan friends, and what better testing ground than a weekly special? We tried it out, and it’s yum!

Photo 27-2-19, 4 33 08 pm.jpg

27 Feb - 5 Mar

I bet you’ve never seen a Margherita like that!

Yellow heirloom tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, basil and the youngest, lightest extra virgin olive oil.

This week we see things in a different colour!

Perfectly matched with a light and fruity Ara Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ).

Photo 27-2-19, 2 46 24 pm.jpg

27 Feb - 5 Mar

Wood roasted butternut pumpkin gnocchi, with pumpkin purée, toasted walnuts, blistered sage and truffle pecorino.

Perfectly matched with a new addition to our wine cellar: Ca’ d’Archi, a blend of Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio straight from its land of origin - Veneto (Italy). A delicate flavour which exalts and brings out the delicate flavour of the pumpkin and sage, but doesn’t overpower it.

Photo 27-2-19, 3 36 37 pm.jpg

13-19 February

Luxurious squid-ink-infused spaghetti with prawns, courgette, tomato and a sauce of burned butter and garlic.

Be adventurous! Fortuna audaces iuvat!

Photo 6-2-19, 1 15 25 pm (1).jpg

6-13 February

Amalfi scialatelli, pan-fried guanciale, Jerusalem artichokes, sugo di pomodoro, mozzarella cream emulsion, basil.

Fun Fact - Scialatelli is a type of hand cut pasta that resembles a short, thicker version of fettuccine. Unlike fettuccine, scialatelli is made without eggs.

Photo 6-2-19, 11 47 55 am (1).jpg

5-13 February

Our Shanghai Pizza marries a pasture fed, 4-hour braised Maryland duck, oyster and enokitake mushrooms, snow peas, chilli, Fior di Latte mozzarella, and a delicious five-spice roasted plum purée base.

Best served with our Lychee Martini 🍸 .
This week only, in celebration of the Year of the Pig.

Photo 31-1-19, 3 24 38 pm.jpg

24-30 January

‘Nduja is a Calabrian spicy, spreadable ‘salume’ made of pork belly, shoulder and a variety of peppers and spices.

Our recommendation is to accompany this heated dish with a refreshing Taltarni Fumé (VIC 2016), for the freshness, spice and character typical of oak-barrel matured whites.

Photo 30-1-19, 9 47 26 am (1).jpg

17-23 January

Locally foraged sumac spiced wild mushroom bruschetta, on our stone baked artisan sourdough, goats cheese and toasted almonds.

Photo 25-1-19, 3 14 48 pm.jpg

10-16 January

Semolina and Mediterranean spice dusted Junee ribs with a lemon and Parmigiano Reggiano aioli.

Photo 25-1-19, 3 27 19 pm.jpg

3-9 January

Chargrilled bell pepper and chicken spiedino on a bed of conditella salad with garden veggies, roasted quinoa, sourdough croutons and aged Modena balsamic vinegar.

Photo 24-1-19, 7 58 09 am.jpg

27 December

- 2 January

Golden buttermilk French toast with whipped farmer’s ricotta, caramelised banana, charred peach, wood fired honeycomb and Meyer’s lemon curd.

Photo 17-1-19, 9 29 26 am.jpg

20-26 December

Smashed avocado on stone baked artisan sourdough, kaffir lime, mint & pistachio dukkah crumbs.

Photo 12-11-17, 3 00 49 pm.jpg

13-19 December

Zucchini and saffron risotto with slow cooked chicken thighs, parsley and olive oil.

Recommended with a glass of our 'The yard' Riesling.

Photo 12-11-17, 2 19 50 pm.jpg

13-19 December

Slow cooked shoulder of Junee Spring lamb served with smashed potatoes and red wine & rosemary jus.

Accompanied with a rich glass of our 'Barone Ricasoli' Chianti, from Siena, Italy.

Photo 12-11-17, 2 24 08 pm.jpg

13-19 December

Nonna's treat: wood baked eggplant parmigiana, with napoletana sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Perfectly matched with our Barone Ricasoli Chianti.


6-12 December

Moroccan spices and parmesan crumbed chicken breast, fresh jalapeno chillies, onion, capsicum, olives, chilli mayo and fior di latte mozzarella.

Our drink recommendation is Anchor Steam from San Francisco.

Photo 12-11-17, 2 42 24 pm.jpg

6-12 December

Fusilli alla Genovese - slow cooked chicken thigh Genovese white ragu' with notes of carrot, celery and onion.

Best accompanied by The Yard Riesling, Frankland River (WA).


22-28 November

An Italian version of a Turkish favourite - the Great Gozleme. This huge wood fired calcone wraps up a cheesy heart of mozzarella, salame Calabrese and spinach. We dare you finish it ad still be hungry!

Best served with a glass of Pikes 'Los Companeros' Shiraz-Tempranillo, 2015 Clare Valley.


22-28 November

Spaghetti fritters - golden pasta & trio of cheese fritter served with a baby broccoli sauce. Often referred to as 'frittatina' in Italy, this is a speciality in Napoli!

Recommended served with a glass of our The Lane Rose, from Adelaide Hills, SA.


14-21 November

Chicken involtini with sauteed spinach, provolone cheese and pancetta - served with baked duchess potatoes and creamy Napoletana sauce.

Best served with a ruby glass of Josef Chromy Pinot Noire, 2015 Tasmania.

Cocktail Specials

Cocktail Specials


10-16 July

// Absolut Vanilla, passionfruit, mango, orange, lime, aquafaba //
Delicious cocktail reminiscent of warm beach sunsets on the Sardinian coast.

Photo 3-7-19, 12 53 30 pm.jpg

3-9 July

// Johnny Walker Red, merlot, lemon juice, sugarcane syrup, aquafaba, luxardo maraschino and the hottest cocktail pick you can find 😎 //
Tang, sweetness, fruitiness and smokiness convey perfectly in this choreographic cocktail. Good for those who like whiskey but aren’t quite ready to take their relationship to the next level and sip it in more potent drinks. Give it a go and let us know if you like it or hate it!

Photo 26-6-19, 2 44 31 pm.jpg

25 June - 2 July

It’s #negroniweekand this week we celebrate the king of aperitif cocktails with an anthology of 5 different takes on the traditional #negroni
~ Probably the most daring among our Negroni variations proposed this week, we replaced gin with tequila reposado and added a touch of herbal with Montenegro. Definitely not for the faint hearted! ~ // Jose Cuervo Reposado, Campari bitters, Cinzano Rosso Amaro Montenegro //

Photo 26-6-19, 3 02 05 pm.jpg

25 June - 2 July

It’s #negroniweekand this week we celebrate the king of aperitif cocktails with an anthology of 5 different takes on the traditional #negroni ~ ~ THE SILLY WENCH ~ ~
This sunshine in a glass is a more light hearted version of a Negroni that focuses more on the sweet rather than the bitter, making it a real easy slushy to drink on a sunny Saturday.
~ // Four Pillars Spiced Negroni gin, Campari bitters, Gran Torino sweet vermouth, freshly squeezed orange juice, orange bitters // 🍹 ~

Photo 26-6-19, 2 42 41 pm.jpg

25 June 2 July

It’s #negroniweekand this week we celebrate the king of aperitif cocktails with an anthology of 5 different takes on the traditional #negroni ~


~ ‘Sbagliato’ literally means ‘wrong’, as this Negroni variation replaces gin with Prosecco for a lighter character. Most famous in Venice and Veneto region due to being the birthplace of the popular sparkling wine.

// Prosecco, Campari bitters, Cinzano Rosso // and if you really want to make it special, add one or two olives 👌🏻 🍹 ~


25 June - 2 July

It’s #negroniweekand this week we celebrate the king of aperitif cocktails with an anthology of 5 different takes on the traditional #negroni

Born of the marriage of a Negroni and a granita, this younger sibling will give you the flavour of a Negroni but less of kick 💫

// Gordon’s Dry Gin, Campari bitters, Carpano Antica Formula, freshly squeezed orange juice and a dash of Peychaud’s bitters //


19-24 June

Our specials have a common theme this week: chestnut 🌰. ~
Homemade sugared chestnuts, Hennessy, Glenlivet, Baileys, cream and nutmeg.
This cocktail is the paradigm of a winter cocktail - which you can also have as your liquid dessert - 🤫.


12-18 June

We called this special cocktail of the week ‘Sunset on Alhambra’ as it reminisces those fiery Andalusian sunsets over the Alhambra, the ancient castle of Granada.
Fino sherry, Four Pillars Negroni Gin, Aperol and citrus fruits.
This cocktail will take you on a journey to far away lands and times.


12-18 June

🍸 A sunny Saturday afternoon calls for our Elderflower Cobbler - gin, sparkling wine, cucumber, a splash of lemon juice and elderflower water.
Summer nostalgia, you say? Guilty as charged!


5-11 June

☃️ Winter has come! And Jack Frost too, our special cocktail of the week.
Absolute Vanilla, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, coconut cream and a glaze cherry.


15-21 May

Quite sweet and a little sour, this drink has an American twist to its traditional Italian counterpart. Made for those who have a sweet spot for almonds, this cocktail is great before or after dinner.


1-14 May

The warm days still don’t want to give up, but occasionally, early mornings and late evenings start feeling a little cooler. No matter, we’re kind of ready for a more typical Autumn season, and this cocktail is an ode to our nostalgia:

~ C a m p f i r e W h i s k e y S o u r ~

Hennessy, Canadian Club, maple, lemon, pure smoke bitters and toasted marshmallows make this round, comforting cocktail the best drink you’ll have all week! Good for whiskey lovers and not!

Good for whiskey lovers and not!


17-28 April

🍸 If you're a gin conoisseur and love elderflower this is the ultimate martini-like cocktail:

FourPillars Rare Gin and citrus fruits mix together to create a floral, tart and refreshing beverage topped by a luxurious elderflower foam, spiced up by two dashes of Peychaud's bitters.

Hard to resist this distillate! 🍸