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Coffee BEans 1Kg

GK roasters is a Sydney roaster that develops coffee for speciality cafes and online retail. A ‘democratic evolution of product’, using hospitality industry palates such as chefs, sommeliers and baristas, is used.

We source our green beans from cultivars all over the world (Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Indonesia, Papua-New Guinea, Ethiopia, Somalia, to name the most common), balancing flavours and complexity of different harvests.

The quality of the bean is measured in freshness, in seasonality and successful cupping. We especially choose suppliers that share the ideology of a fair trade and are investors in the well being of the farmers and their communities.

Our MACC3 boasts notes of cocoa, nuts and a hint of orange zest. Categorically like a crazy jaffa!

The origins of the current batch are Colombia, Indonesia and Guatemala, which bring us an exotic and playful companion.

Send us your enquiry, and we will be able to provide you with a quote including great bulk-bill discounts.

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